What the mentees had to say:


"FYA is so much more than a 6 month program. You will leave with mentors, friends and industry connections that could last a lifetime.”

- Laura Geluch (mentee FYA 2014, UBCP/ACTRA member)


 “My experience in FYA, taught me that things are not out of my control! While working with my mentor, I made a short film, completed a one woman show, started a web-series, got all my ducks in a row for my marketing materials and built a better relationship with my agent.”

- Jane Hancock (mentee FYA 2012, UBCP/ACTRA member)


"FYA was an incredibly transformative experience for me. My mentor was amazing, and we still keep in touch. Not only was the whole process so wonderful, I also left with new supportive peers, a huge network of creatives, and a completed short film! Thanks FYA!"

- Taylor Hastings (mentee FYA 2014, UBCP/ACTRA member)


"…[FYA] has taught me so much in such a little time, all while allowing for self-growth and professional development alongside state of the art mentors :) Would love to do it continuously if it were a permanently funded program!"

- Mohit Anand (mentee FYA 2012)


“I loved every minute of my time in FYA! I couldn't have asked for a better mentor and the program gave me the confidence to tackle projects and create work that I can be proud of.”

- Chelsey Moore (mentee FYA 2012)


 “Fulfilling Young Artists was not only a helpful, but a necessary part of my growth, I encourage every young artists to take full advantage of this phenomenal program!”

- Kristy Provan (mentee FYA 2012)


“One of the things that I found the most valuable from the FYA program, was the accountability factor that often gets lost as an independent artist.  I think that this is huge when it comes to making things happen on your own, and finding things that are fulfilling.”

- Morgana Wylie (mentee FYA 2014, UBCP/ACTRA member)


"Fulfilling Young Artists was the highlight of 2012 for me.  Through FYA i met new friends, colleagues and feel part of  a supportive professional community. I fully recomend it. It will be the best thing you do."

- Richard Duke (mentee, FYA 2012)


“I had a life changing experience in the FYA program. Having a community of artists around me to support and encourage my growth was amazing.”

- Jordan Connor Yuen (mentee FYA 2012)


 “Coming out of the 6-month program, I worked with my mentor to accomplished goals I set at the beginning, wrote and directed my own film, that opened doors I never even considered before, and met incredible people I now call my friends and family. I am forever grateful to FYA and incredible blessed to have been a part of it!"

- Kristina Ruddick (mentee FYA 2012)


“The Unique Works project has sparked my love for creating and just being a more well rounded human being.  Honestly I think this is one of the most memorable programs I've ever taken. “

- Stephanie Johannnesen (mentee FYA 2012)


“FYA helped me build my confidence as a writer, producer and director in a way I hadn't thought was possible.

Through the guidance of my mentor and the support of my fellow artists, plus all the inspiring talks, I was able to bring to life a short script that I had been sitting on for two years.”

- Jennifer Kobelt  (mentee FYA 2014)


 I learned more than I thought I ever would, and made relationships with people that are still strong today.  FYA isn't just a mentorship program, its a neat little acting family!"

- Garland Chang  (mentee FYA 2014)


“This program helped me define the artist I want to be and I recommend it wholeheartedly to any artist beginning their career."

- Erika Thompson (mentee FYA 2014)


“"The Fulfilling Young Artists program has left a lasting impression on who I am as an artist. Throughout the mentorship I expanded my professional network and learned about the mechanisms of the Film & TV industry, but more importantly I discovered the importance of investing in myself creatively. I have stronger resiliency in dealing with the highs and lows of being a professional artist, and have learned the value of asking for help and guidance. Patrick and Sage are rockstars for bringing this program to life."

- Scott Button  (mentee FYA 2014)


“Becoming a part of FYA has broadened my opportunities and opened up new doors. Friends become family. This experience was amazing!!”

- Michael A. Cheng  (mentee FYA 2012, UBCP/ACTRA member)


What the mentors had to say:


“Loved this experience! Even as a mentor I learned new things and it got the old juices flowing again. FYA builds a sense of community and fosters great bonds. I'm still in touch with my Mentee 2 years later!”

- Kehli O’Byrne (mentor FYA 2014, UBCP/ACTRA member)


"FYA was such a great opportunity to connect to my community of actors and performers.  It was exciting to see the young talent coming up and I was honoured to mentor Fanta.  I was so inspired by the young mentees as well as the other mentors - all amazing people, I can’t recommend this program enough!”

- Lexa Doig (mentor FYA 2014, ACTRA/UBCP member)


“This program has been a superb experience. From deep discussions about art, to assisting in the film making process, I have been deeply enriched - by both the company of my peers and the aspiring actors who thrive under this kind of support.”

- Rekha Sharma (mentor FYA Canada, 2014, UBCP/ACTRA member)


"Fulfilling Young Artists is one of the most amazing mentoring programs out there! I had the great privilege to be a mentor twice. I am still in contact with my mentees and they are doing such fabulous work!  In fact I would say that at the end of the program all the mentees were more confident and had a deeper understanding of self.

Patrick and Sage have such great vision in creating this invaluable resource for young Artists. I hope Fulfilling Young Artists continues for many years to come!"

-Raugi Yu (mentor FYA  2012/2014, UBCP/ACTRA member, actor, TV Director)


“It was a privilege working with young actress Kristy Provan.  We were extremely well matched, with very similar backgrounds despite the difference in our experience levels.  It was my job to motivate, inspire and challenge her, but I found that I received at least as much as I gave.  It became clear very quickly that this mutual benefit is the natural by-product of the FYA process when all parties put their best into it.  It was a great experience.”

- Jacqueline Samuda (mentor FYA 2012)


"Working with the amazing young artists in the FYA program was very inspiring. Their work, creativity, level of dedication and respect for their craft was truly amazing. So glad I took part in this program. I would happily take part again. "

- Omari Newton (mentor FYA 2012/2014, UBCP/ACTRA member, actor/director/playwright)


 “The FYA program was a wonderful way to bolster young, burgeoning artists in a field that often lacks a supportive infrastructure. By design, the film, tv and stage world(s) are competitive and rather dog eat dog. THis program afforded these tremendous kids the opportunity to spend time with experienced actors, directors, writers etc in a nurturing and educational environment. I watched my mentee grow as a young woman and an artist, gaining confidence that had been lacking and as a result got the representation she deserves and even got to yell "action" when she spent a few days on set with me!! Hats off to Patrick and Sage for creating this fantastic opportunity for mentees and mentors alike!”

- Jill Teed (mentor, FYA 2012)


“I learned so much from being a mentor. It was an inspiring, unique experience!”

- Agam Darshi (mentor, FYA 2012)


“Mentoring someone made me realize that I have a learned a thing or two over the years, and helping that person navigate themselves through the minefield of this industry was deeply fulfilling. As artists, we must learn to find strength in numbers. It's very easy to become isolated and negatively influenced in the film industry, and this program safeguards against those perils.”

- Rekha Sharma (mentor FYA 2012)


"I watched my Mentee Kristina Ruddick become a filmmaker before my eyes. She just needed someone to say YES you can!!!"

- Jennifer Copping (mentor FYA 2012)

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